Accomplishments & Goals


Mr. Armando Ramirez, your current Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court, is a leader and trailblazer within the community. Serving the people of Osceola County has been his primary focus even before he was elected as the Clerk of Court. Just as an Osceola County citizen, before being elected into an official position, Mr. Ramirez strived for (and eventually accomplished) social justice in the Osceola County election system and the Osceola County School Board – a struggle that lasted a decade. 

It is with the same tenacity and fortitude that he has served as the Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court. As evidenced below, Clerk Ramirez has brought sweeping enhancements in all Clerk office functions, including court efficacy, payment efficiency, IT infrastructure, increased community presence and employee diversification. Clerk Ramirez not only has cultivated improvements in the Clerk’s office, he consistently brings extensive knowledge of nationally trending issues to ensure that Osceola County is ready to address foreseeable issues it may encounter with informed prudence. 

Clerk Ramirez’s track record as a proponent for equality for the underserved and underprivileged groups, in addition to his championed causes for social justice, has exemplified his continued diligence to serve as your Circuit Clerk and Custodian of Land and Court Records, now and in the future. 

Operational Accomplishments

E-Filing: Accomplished the timely implementation of E-Filing of court documents in accordance to a 2009-issued mandate by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida within 3 months of taking office.

Face-to-Face Customer Enhancements: 

Attorney Window: Implemented an attorney window to minimize the wait for attorneys delivering/filing court documents for clients.

Speaker System: Installation of safety glass and speaker system to frontline work stations for increased audibility and security to ensure employee safety.

Evidence and Cash Vaults:

Security: Increased technological and tactical security within the Osceola County Courthouse evidence vault, including installation of video monitoring system. Additional enhancements have also been made to the cash vaults within the Clerk’s office for increased security for the employees and the public funds. 

Protocol: Increased guidelines for evidence handling and storage for accountability.

Collections Program:

Traffic Tickets: Institute a payment plan to better enable citizens to financially spread out the cost of their traffic ticket fine over a period of 90-days per Florida Statute.

Criminal Collection & Compliance: Osceola County Clerk’s office is one of the pilot counties of the 67 Clerk’s offices to initiate a best practice collection and compliance program for all criminal case types. This program establishes a payment plan for financial obligations on all cases. This not only better enables Osceola residents to pay court fines and costs according to their financial situation, but has greatly enhanced the Clerk’s ability to collect outstanding monies due to the County, which in-turn supports the various public agencies within.

Queue System: The Osceola Clerk’s office fully integrated Civil and Criminal divisions into one queue system to ensure efficient and effective operational flow, and reduce citizen wait times. 

IT Infrastructure: The Osceola County Clerk’s office has become exponentially more technologically advanced within the past 3 years. Not only is our infrastructure more sound, and secure, but it also enables us to implement greater technologies, open up new channels of interaction with citizens for payment options, education, and transparency.

Diversity: The Osceola Clerk’s office has greatly increased the diversity on the inside of the organization to closer reflect those in the county. In 2013, 55% of the employees were Caucasian within an employment pool that reflected only 37% Caucasian, 13% African-American, 3% Asian, and 48% Hispanic.

The 2016 Osceola Clerk’s office organization now more closely reflects the demographics of the labor pool within Osceola County.

Osceola County Clerk Office Employee Diversification Comparison Chart
GroupCounty Diversity2013 Clerk Office Employees2016 Clerk OfficeEmployees

Internal Salaries: Aligned leadership salaries in all layers of management within the organization.

Operational Efficiency: High levels of operational efficiency achieved despite budgetary cuts. The Osceola County absorbed annual budget cuts with minimal reduction in force, and with no staff furloughs.

Community-Enrichment Accomplishments

Osceola Clerk Website: Osceola Clerk has dedicated increased resources throughout the past three years to develop an enhanced website, with increased functionality and which is accessible in almost 100 languages! 

Payments: Citizens are now able to make payments via the website, and through other convenient community payment partners, such as MyFloridaCounty, Amscot, and nCourt.Clerk 

News: Section of the website dedicated to keeping citizens of Osceola County informed on relevant local, national, and international current news and events.

Drivers License: This information now available on the web.

Jury Information: This information now available on the web. 

Community Engagement

Annual Valentine’s Day Wedding: The Osceola Clerk performs complimentary weddings for the public every Valentine’s weekend as a service to the citizens of Osceola County.

Non-Profit Partnership: Osceola County Clerk’s office participates in non- profit fundraising events, including Relay For Life, March of Dimes, Make a Wish Foundation, etc…

Community Advocacy

Marriage Equality: Upon the Supreme Court ruling to lift the same-sex marriage ban, Mr. Ramirez was the first Clerk of 67 Clerks in the State of Florida to openly unequivocally support Marriage Equality, and was the first Clerk to promise that he would issue marriage licenses and would officiate all marriage ceremonies.

Forensic Foreclosure Examination: Clerk Ramirez commissioned a foreclosure examination which brought to light to the public purported mortgage foreclosure fraud in Osceola County.

Operation Green Light: Osceola County Clerk’s office participated in a statewide initiative to allow citizens a day to come in and pay court/traffic fees/fines without the additional collection agency fees, and on-the-spot license reinstatement. This initiative saved Osceola County residents approximately $40,000 in costs! 

Safe Surrender Day: The Osceola Clerk’s office participated in Safe Surrender Day which enabled non-violent citizens with warrants to safely surrender themselves, get their warrants cleared, and allows them reduced fines, reduced probation requirements, and/or new court dates.

Community Education

Outreach Events: Osceola County Clerk’s office now engages in periodic community events to raise awareness of the office’s services and increased functionality.

Community Training & Development: Organized a training workshop for E- portal users, specifically attorneys and pro-se litigants.

Financial Information: Increased transparency by providing Osceola County Clerk of Court financial reports on the web.

Pro Se Litigants: Enhanced services and assistance for self-represented litigants, in person and online.

Advanced Jury Payment System: Juror checks are now processed more efficiently with a newly implemented jury system technology.

24/7 Payment Support: Osceola County Clerk’s office provides 24/7 payment support and online payment options to citizens.

Diversification of Communication Materials: The Clerk’s office has diversified its internal and external communication materials to ensure that both citizens and employees who are more comfortable with another language have the opportunity to view materials in that language. This option was never available to employees or citizens prior to Clerk Ramirez’s administration. 


Guidance for Pro Se Litigants: Continue to assist self-represented litigants by providing assistance in person and online when needed.

Growth Expansion and Satellite Offices: Mr. Ramirez is in the process of exploring options for expanding the Osceola County Clerk’s offices.

Self-Service Kiosks: Clerk Ramirez is also in the process of exploring options for self-service kiosks to be placed in strategic locations around Osceola County.

Upgraded Telephone System: The Clerk’s office is in the middle of implementing an automated telephone system which will:•Increase telephone functionality and efficiency•Accommodate both English and Spanish callers.•Reduce wait times

Civil Evidence Room: Mr. Ramirez is in the middle of building a civil evidence room to increase the organization and security of civil case-related evidence.

Website Wait Times: Display department-specific wait times on the Clerk’s website.

Tax Deed ACH: Implementation stages of ACH deposit options available for online tax deed sales to provide greater efficiency to the public and streamlining the process.

Process Improvement Enhancements: Continue to provide excellent customer service by consistently and continuously providing training to our employees and the streamlining of office processes by the use of quality control systems.

Customer Satisfaction: Continue to decrease customers’ wait times by constantly improving technological tools (such as online forms, ACH payments, etc.).

Foreclosure Fraud: Continue to help constituents with the fight against mortgage foreclosure fraud. 

Community Enhancement: Continue with the dissemination of information associated with the services provided by the Osceola County Clerk’s Office throughout our community in person and online.

Diversity Goals: Reflect 100% of the labor pool of Osceola County Clerk’s office through the use of recruitment, hiring, and organizational health best practices.

The Florida Court Clerks & Comptrollers celebrated their 2017 Legislative Day on March 15, 2017. Clerks of the Courts and Comptrollers met with legislators and presented them with information associated with their districts, including the State and County Fast Facts below. These documents denote the Clerks and Comptrollers tremendous efforts with records and fiscal management, regardless of statewide budget costs and workload increases.

Certificates and Awards